Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear Dracula

Dear Dracula by Joshua Williamson and Vicente “Vinny” Navarrete

Sam loves scary movies. Inspired by his latest scary movie viewing, he decides to dress as Dracula for Halloween. When shopping with his “dear sweet granny”, he sees an awesome Dracula toy and asks about getting. Granny suggests that he wait for Christmas; perhaps Santa will bring it.

Once home Sam tries to write a letter to Santa, but instead writes a letter to Dracula…which Dracula receives! When visiting his new “friend” on Halloween night both Dracula and Sam find that they are both in for big surprises.

A hilarious graphic novel, this story is one of an unlikely friendship and is sure to delight most readers. I adore the cover, which looks like an envelope, complete with a stamp and postal coding. Such fun!

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