Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picture Book Promos

Pink Me Up by Charise Mericle Harper

It’s the day of the Pink Girls Pink-nic and Violet can’t wait. She gets up early and picks out clothes for Mama and goes to wake her up. Mama has pink spots! Oh, no! She’s sick and can’t go, so Daddy will take her place. But first Violet must pink up Daddy’s outfit.

This delightful tale is sure to make any pink-loving child giggle with delight, and want to pink up their own daddies. The illustrations are adorable and the text is fun. I actually chuckled out loud a few times!

Too Purpley! by Jean Reidy; Illustrated by Genevieve Leloup

This little girl is not having a good clothes day! Everything she tries on it just too…too something. Too purpley. Too strappy. Too polka-dotty. Will she, and her pet turtle, be able to find the right outfit to wear to school?

We’ve all had those days. This is a great look from a child’s view of one of those mornings. The illustrations are great. I love the little turtle and her expressions. This is an all around enjoyable book, perfect for sharing with your favorite fussy dresser.

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