Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who shines your shoes?

I thought I was more caught up with reviews. Then I realized that I never posted one for a recent audiobook.

Le sigh.

Moose and his family have settled into life on Alcatraz Island. Thanks to help from prisoner Al Capone, Moose’s older sister Natalie is now on the mainland at a school for girls, where she will hopefully learn to act more normal. Moose is happy that Natalie is getting the help she needs and that their parents are less stressed about her. All seems to be well, until Moose gets a note from Capone asking him for a little favor. This, in turn, ends up unraveling a surprising turn of events involving all of the kids living on Alcatraz.


Al Capone Shines My ShoesFull of wit and humor – and with a wonderfully developed cast of characters. The characters are realistically written. Friends disagree with one another and foes work together, because in a community as small as the civilians living on Alcatraz, that’s just how it is.

Choldenko’s portrayal of a teenaged autistic girl during a time before autism was officially diagnosed is realistic. In the author’s note the reason for the character of Natalie is revealed.

Historical references to the times, such as the popularity of child star Shirley Temple, add to the realistic setting.


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