Thursday, August 18, 2011


After coming to America from Russia as a child, teenager Anya has worked hard to fit in with her peers, though she still feels like an outcast. While ditching school one day, she falls through an old well where she is stuck, undiscovered, for two days. It is there that she meets Emily, the ghost of a teenage girl who was murdered ninety years ago.

When Anya is rescued, Emily follows her. The two become close friends, as Emily helps Anya with school and with the boy she likes. However, there’s more to Emily than she is letting on, and soon Anya realizes she needs to know the truth.

Anya's GhostThe illustrations, inked in grayscale with hues of “purpley-blue”, are expressive. The minimal coloring adds to the spookiness in some scenes.

Not fitting in with your peers, having a negative body image, and being embarrassed by one’s family all resonate with most readers. Who hasn’t felt that way at least once in their lives?

The story is interesting and flows well.

Of course, I love how Anya uses the library to solve the mystery!


The author has a very cool post on her blog that shows the process of making this graphic novel. Check it out!

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