Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wicked Highlander

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

This book focuses on the last Macleod brother, and the youngest, Quinn. In the first book, he was caught by Deidre and her warriors, and now he is living in the Pit at Deidre’s mountain while she waits for him to surrender to her. But she underestimates Quinn’s resolve, especially when a beautiful Druid is tossed into the Pit and Quinn saves her from the rest of the Warriors who are eager to kill her. They develop a relationship and fall in love, but ultimately are parted when Quinn decides he must go to Deidre in order to save his brothers and everyone else.


- While there are more books in the series, a person could happily quit reading here and be satisfied as some major elements are resolved.
- The interlacing of Quinn’s story with those of his brothers who are trying to rescue him.
- Characters that were on the fence have to declare their loyalty and declare if they are good or bad.
- There is some foreshadowing as to what characters will be the focus in the next books.
- The suspense at the end definitely captures your attention – I stayed up too late to finish!


- Some of the magical elements did not have a lot of explanation but this is likely so the reader wouldn’t get bogged down.
- There are a few minor characters that do not seem to have any purpose and their story could have been left out. But I have a feeling that they may come more into play in future books.


Book 3 of a series

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