Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shadow Music by Julie Garwood

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

The King of England is trying to bring peace to his land, and as a result, he offers a highly eligible daughter to a laird to help. She is given a dowry of a very valuable piece of land. Before she is able to be married off, her betrothed is killed. There are two Barons that would like to marry her and during their fight, she is accused of not being wholesome and is banished from England. But there are some powerful lairds who happen to witness this event and they agree to protect her. What she does not know that this plan involves her marrying Laird MacHugh who she is afraid of.

Shadow Music: A NovelLikes:
Interesting and non predictable storyline
A show of the loyalty of the Scottish clans

Several characters have a few different names due to being nobility which can be confusing

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