Monday, August 22, 2011

Sundown, ya better take care

Retribution (Dark-Hunter)During his lifetime, Jess “Sundown” Brady was considered one of the worst outlaws in the Wild West, but he was looking forward to settling down and living life within the law with the woman he loved. Yet on his way into the church for their wedding, Jess was shot in the back by his best friend. Vowing revenge, he bartered his soul with the Greek goddess Artemis in exchange for revenge, and, by doing so, he becomes a Dark Hunter.

Years later Jess is serving as a Dark Hunter in Las Vegas. Something is hunting the hunters. When that something ends up being a person from Jess’ past the outcome is beyond anything he has ever imagined.

Sundown has made brief appearances in previous Dark Hunter novels. It was nice to learn more about his past and to read about a possible happy future.

The appearances by others from the Dark Hunter world – Sin, Zarek and a few others, is almost always welcomed. A great way to get little updates on characters from past novels.

The bonus material at the end was fun. Don’t want to give anything away, but it concerns Ash, Sota and their first child.

The series is mostly fluff, which is part of the fun. This novel is no exception. While I enjoyed it for what it was – fluff reading – I have come to expect a bit better from Kenyon. This story just didn’t grab me as much as previous tales.

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