Friday, August 26, 2011

There's always time to Sparkle!

On the way to a publicity event in the Caribbean, the plane carrying the contestants of the Miss Teen Dream beauty pageant crashes into a small island, killing most of the occupants and, more importantly, destroying most of their beauty products and sparkly clothes. In addition to finding a way to stay alive, the survivors must face their personal demons…and figure out how to handle the secret military operation hidden on the island. Can a group of Miss Teen Dream hopefuls survive living in the tropical wild and still keep up their pageant routines?

Beauty QueensLikes
Full of snarky awesomeness, this look at a group of pageant princesses packs a powerful punch of satirical social commentary. I especially like the various asides from The Corporation.

It’s Reality TV gone wild! While I hate those book and TV blurbs that compare one thing to several others, I can’t resist writing my own. Beauty Queens is a mixture of Toddlers and Tiaras, Lost, Survivor and Comedy Central’s news programs.

There were many times in the story that it seemed like the author was trying to push an anti-commercialism message, which really took away from the overall humor of the story.

The commercial breaks and footnotes became distracting and, again, took away from the overall humor of the story. 

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