Sunday, April 06, 2008

Current Reads update

Anymore, I'm rarely one to be reading only one book at a time. Currently, I have 4 books that I'm reading...and enjoying. Yes, for once I am enjoying all of the books I am reading. Yay!!

Snitch by Allison van Diepen - This was recommended ages ago at my book discussion group. Julia, a high school honor student in the NYC area, lives in a world full of gangs. She does her best to stay out of the gangs, even though two of her closest friends belong to gangs. She meets a cute guy who is new to her school (he comes from Detroit), she finds herself falling for him. So far, that's all I know.

The Sweet Far Thing by Libba Bray (audiobook) - As I said before, I was very excited that this came in! I have listened to just over one CD so far (there are 16, I think). The story starts up a few months after the last book ended. Gemma and Felicity are getting ready to debut into society. Ann is trying to come to terms with being a governess for her cousins. They haven't visited the realms since just after Christmas...but not because they haven't tried. For some reason, Gemma cannot make the door appear...

A Different Kind of Heat by Antonio Pagliarulo - This is an April book club pick. Another book set in NY with gangs as a central part of the story. Luz lives in a halfway house type of place, along with 3 other troubled teens and Sister Ellen. Luz - a former gang member - saw her older brother die. Julio was shot by a police officer. This prompts Luz to join protests against police brutality, where she is arrested for starting a riot (amongst other charges). Luz must come to terms with her brother's death, as well as the anger and violence residing inside her. The story is told through the journal Luz writes in at the suggestion of Sister Ellen.

When I crossed No-Bob by Margaret McMullan – In post Civil War South, the O’Donnell family is a family of outsiders. To be an O’Donnell is to be Trouble. The clan lives in an area of woods called No-Bob. When 12-year-old Addy O’Donnell’s mother abandons her at the wedding reception for Mr. Frank (the local schoolteacher) , he and his bride take her into their home. Addy tries her hardest to prove that although she is an O’Donnell, she is not a troublesome child, while getting use to living in a normal home. That's all the further I've read.

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