Ama who?

For the past decade I have worked in libraries in both Ohio and Michigan, mostly in youth services. I’m involved in library organizations on the local, state and national levels. Now the assistant manager of my library’s Youth Services department, I’m busier than ever, yet I still manage to keep reading. It’s an occupational hazard!

From time to time I’ll pick up a book written for an adult audience. More often than not, though, I am reading a teen novel. I’ve developed an audiobook habit - so much that when driving in the car alone, I start to feel a bit crazy if I have to listen to the radio. *shudder*

There’s more than just books in my life. I enjoy knitting, baking, cooking, traveling, scrapbooking and, most of all, spending time with my husband and our crazy Boston terrier, Spike. I also spend a lot of time online - reading blogs, playing games on Facebook, following people on Twitter and chatting with friends.