Guest Reviewers


Melanie A. Lyttle is Head of Public Services at Madison Public Library in Madison, OH. She is best known as the Crabby Librarian who wants all children to stay out of her library and away from her books. In real life, she can't decide what books she likes better, mushy chick books or funny books with plenty of poop jokes in them!


Sharon has always been an avid reader, going back to when she was little. She has fond memories of her mom threatening to ground her for reading in bed long after the lights were supposed to be out. As she grew older, her love of books continued to entertain her on long family trips, attending local sporting events and just to help pass the hours growing up on a farm. Even as an adult, she continues to read and typically gets through a book or two a week, depending on what is going on. Her favourite books to read are romance and general fiction and her least favourite are horrors.