Book Review Policy

Unless l noted otherwise, I am open to review requests; however, please keep in mind I try to be as selective as possible to ensure that each book I read and review receives the necessary time and attention it deserves. My reviews won’t always be strictly positive, but they will always be honest. Most often the reviews will be written in the style of the CCBC Discussion Guidelines.

Contact me:

amareads AT gmail DOT com

Genres I usually enjoy:

I read mostly children’s and teen literature. It’s an occupational hazard.

Fantasy, Steampunk, Humor, Romance, Contemporary fiction, Historical Fiction, Chick-lit (selectively though), Mysteries and Psychological Thrillers

The non-fiction books that I typically read and review are biographies, but occasionally I like to read and review other non-fiction items.

Please understand that just because a book you propose falls into a given genre that I enjoy reading, it doesn’t mean that particular book will appeal to me.

Genres I don’t usually review:

Christian fiction, science fiction or erotica. This isn’t to say I won’t review books in these genres, but rather that the chance that I will is significantly less.

Acceptable book submission types:

Print copies are my preferred format.  This can be books currently published or Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs)/galleys. 

I will accept e-books if available to be read on a Kindle. 

I typically don’t accept self-published books, however, in certain circumstances I will consider reviewing them.

Review timeframe:

ARCs - If requested (minimum of 2 weeks) I will post my review on the day or the week of its official release date. Otherwise the review will be posted following the timeframe of for finished copies.

For finished copies, I try to have my review posted a maximum of 3 weeks after reading. This is not always possible so please let me know if you have certain deadlines/requirements so I can make a note of that.

If however, a book is being sent for a virtual book tour then I will post my review on the assigned date.


If there is anywhere else you’d like my review posted please let me know in advance and I’ll consider it.


Your ARCs are safe with me – I do not believe in selling them! I do, however, donate many ARCs to various organizations, including my local library (to be used as giveaways).

Guest Reviews:
From time to time I will post reviews written specifically for Ama Reads by guest reviewers. If you are interested in being a guest reviewer, please contact me.

For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.