Saturday, May 17, 2008

Drift House by Dale Peck

The story is set just after September 11. Three siblings are taken from NYC to Canada, where their Uncle Farley live in a large, odd shaped home called Drift House. Susan, the oldest and only girl, Charles, the middle child and science/technology fanatic, and Murray, the youngest of the clan, are sad to see their mother leave, but excited about the adventure. They don’t expect the sort of adventure it becomes!

Drift House is not a regular house. It is an actual ship – a fact that is realized once the children wake up the second day and see what they assume to be flood waters. As Drift House moves along the Sea of Time, and since Uncle Farley isn’t forthcoming with information, the children try to figure out what is happening. Through the course of the story, they encounter mermaids, time pirates, a dodo, a butterfrog, and many more unusual things!

This is the 1st in the series.

I liked the story well enough, but don’t plan to read the 2nd book.

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