Thursday, November 06, 2008

Are you listening?

I've also finished two audiobooks. One is for children, and I previously mentioned it.

The first book I finished was Kenny & the Dragon by Tony Diterlizzi; read by Alan Cumming. As I stated before, I wasn't overly enthralled with Cumming’s narration, and was rather annoyed with the characters and how they sound. That being said, I really did like the story. I think that it is one to be read, not listened to.

The other book I listened to was Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, narrated by Davina Porter. This is a long audiobook (28 CDs), and a story written for adults. It is hard to classify this novel. It has elements of Romance, Historical Fiction and of Science Fiction/Fantasy. Regardless of how one classifies it, it is a wonderful tale.

Davina Porter does a tremendous job narrating the story. I think one of the reasons I loved the book so much was the beautiful narration.

This is another tale set in the Scottish Highlands and involving time travel, this is the story of Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser. Claire and her husband, Frank, are on holiday in Scotland. WWII has ended, and the two have been apart for most of their 8 year marriage. When Claire touches a rock in a stone circle, she is transported back to the 1700s. It is there that she meets Jamie Fraser. Their lives become more and more intertwined, and love blooms.

This is the first in a series of books. I just started listening to the second in the series, Dragonfly in Amber.

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