Monday, June 29, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries - with a little bit of luck...

I’d like to think that many are on our side in the fight to save Ohio libraries. From the outpouring of support not only through out the state, but from those in other locations, it certainly seems so. Just this morning it was pointed out to me that even Perez Hilton makes mention of the plight on his website. Way to go, Perez!

Someone must be sending us a bit of luck. I say this because of a discovery in this morning’s book deliveries. As the wonderful ladies at the circulation desk were checking in materials, a pressed four-leaf clover fell out of one of the books. How about that for a sign of luck?

Where do we currently stand in this fight against unfair budget slashing? The latest word is that the powers that be cannot agree on the budget. Most are citing the slot machine portion as reason for the disagreement. Whatever the reason, let’s hope that reason prevails, and they do not decimate Ohio’s libraryland.

As I am typing this, I received a message that the state Senate is going to pass a seven day interim budget. This is, I think, a step in the right direction.

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Sharon said...

I hope this is a good sign!