Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Curiouser and Curiouser

Curiouser and Curiouser

That would be the perfect way to describe what my experience was with the audiobook of Alice's Adventures in Wonder Land by Lewis Carroll, narrated by Davina Porter.

The reason?

There are three discs to the book. This afternoon, while picking up lunch, I changed from disc two to disc three…which promptly began to play the same exact thing as disc one.

Can we say annoying?

So, that is going to (hopefully) be fixed. Until then, time for another audiobook.

In other annoying ventures, the hubby and I went to the theater Saturday night and saw the latest Harry Potter movie. I was less than impressed. While I can understand cutting parts of the book out in order to make the movie less than 4 hours long…the whole “Who is the Half Blood Prince?” plot was practically non-existent. I think the phrase Half Blood Prince was mentioned maybe three times in the movie. Bah. Humbug.

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