Friday, July 03, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries – Week 2 - TGIF edition

It’s Friday. That means it has been two weeks since Governor Strickland made the announcement about his budget proposal. We are still waiting to hear the outcome.
This is difficult for so many. I’ve heard many stories throughout the state. Newer employees who may not be eligible for unemployment. Employees who were just diagnosed with cancer. Employees whose families rely on them for health insurance. Employees who have a very sick spouse or child. Employees who just bought homes. The stories are many.

A new poll has shown that Gov. Strickland’s approval rating has decreased. And that is a surprise?

A coworker and I are going to Chicago next week for the ALA Annual Conference. Both of us are involved in committee work which requires us to attend this conference. On the one hand, both of us are excited about the upcoming trip. I know I am looking forward to attending several awards ceremonies! On the other hand, it’s hard to be excited about a trip that we are paying for upfront when we don’t know if when we come back we will have layoffs and branch closures. *sigh* But…we are committed to having fun while in Chicago while hobnobbing with leaders in libraryland and all things book. Here’s hoping that we get some good news before we go to Chicago…and that I don’t need to take my resume with me.

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