Saturday, December 19, 2009

Holiday picture book titles

"I'm not Santa!" by Jonathan Allen

When Baby Hare first spots the fluffy Baby Owl, he insists that Baby Owl is Santa. When Baby Owl tells him otherwise, Baby Hare bursts in to tears. Is there any way to comfort this disappointed child?

Baby Owl is absolutely adorable. I love the end pages, which have Baby Owl in a variety of poses. Children enjoy the dialog between the two baby animals – and the surprise guest who lifts their spirits. This is a wonderful holiday story.

Mouse's First Christmas by Lauren Thompson

Little Mouse scampers throughout the house, exploring all of the wonderful Christmas items. Children enjoy guessing what is the item that Mouse finds. This is a sweet Christmas tale.

Mouse has many first adventures that can be found in Thompson’s other works.

A confused Hanukkah : an original story of Chelm by Jon Koons

When the Rabbi goes on a trip, the villagers of Chelm realize they are not sure how to celebrate Hanukkah! They send Yossel to the nearby village…and three days later he ends up in the Big City. Yossel mistakes the impending festivities there as preparations for Hanukkah, when they are actually preparing for Christmas! Yossel returns to Chelm and the villagers decorate pine trees and await the arrival of the Fat Man in a Velvet Suit. Will they figure out how to really celebrate Hanukkah?

Chelm stories are classic Eastern European Jewish humor, and this one is no exception! I love to read this one to elementary aged children who are delighted to point out the villagers’ misconceptions.

Uncles and Antlers by Lisa Wheeler

One little reindeer has seven uncles who travel to the North Pole every year. Each uncle is very unique except for one thing: who is their favorite niece! Together the eight reindeer gather for one important task – pulling Santa’s sleigh.

This rhyming book is also a clever counting book. It is another holiday favorite of mine.

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