Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Magic under glass by Jaclyn Dolamore

I read this as an ARC, but it has since been published.

It’s the story about Nimira, a young girl from a different country. She performs as a singing and dancing "trouser girl" in a somewhat seedy part of the big city. Her beautiful singing voice gets her recognized by an aristocrat who wishes to hire her to sing with an automaton that he possesses. She discovers that all is not as it seems, especially concerning the automaton.

The story is full of mystery and magic and love. Nimira must decide whether to follow her heart, causing turmoil that will upset the world she has adopted.

I felt rather lukewarm about this novel. The characters were flat and predictable, as was most of the story. There was several loose ends left open, especially at the end. I am left wondering if the author hoped to write a sequel, or if she just thought it was a good way to end the tale.

This book has had some controversy about the cover (and rightfully so). On the ARC, Nimira is portrayed as a light skinned young woman, yet in the story itself, she is described as being exotic, with darker skin and hair than the people from her adopted country.

ARC cover

Published covers

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