Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot seat

Siblings Carter and Sadie Kane return in the sequel to The Red Pyramid.

Just months after defeating Egyptian god Set, the Kane siblings embark on another dangerous adventure. The serpent of chaos, Apophis, is slowly breaking out of his prison. The only way to keep him from escaping and plunging the world into darkness and chaos is by finding Ra. Their biggest problem? No one knows where the powerful god is.

The Kane Chronicles, Book Two: The Throne of FireAs with Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, this series is sure to spark an interest in Ancient Egyptian mythology.

Full of adventure, making the story a fast paced read.

Sadie and Cater are siblings. They act like siblings – disagreeing and bickering often, but still caring and worrying about one another.

Both characters have their flaws and their self-doubts, yet they are also strong, well-adjusted children (considering what they’ve been through!).

Series book 2

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