Thursday, January 05, 2012

A pearl of a girl

Pearl by Jo Knowles

Pearl (also known as Bean) has always been an outcast. As long as she has her best friend, Henry, and her grandfather, Gus, on her side, she can take on the world – and Lexie, her alcoholic, often absent mother. When Gus unexpectedly passes away, secrets are uncovered that completely change the relationships between Bean and those who surround her.

Mostly realistic characters and relationships.
Ends on a positive, yet realistic note.
Lexie’s transformation after Gus’ death. Seemed too quick and out of character.
At only 216 pages and with fast paced prose, this is a quick read. The narration is first person from Bean’s viewpoint. There were a few things that I figured out before she did, but overall the mysteries are not revealed until Bean tells them to the reader.

This was the last book I finished reading in 2011. 

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