Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Women in his Life – Barbara Taylor Bradford

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon. 

This book is an anthology of the life of Maxim. It starts with him in his 50’s and almost being killed by a burglar. We then go back in time and follow him through his life up until that point – from a little boy of four in pre-war Berlin to the multi-millionaire business man he is. As the book gets closer to the end, it picks from when he is almost killed as it forces him to examine his life and make some decisions. He is also forced to deal with information about himself he never knew. 

 It was a book told from a different viewpoint. It focuses on Maxim’s life from being a happy boy in Berlin to having to escape as WWII progressed and adapting to his new life in England. Through the various events of the book, we see what happens to those who stayed in Berlin and area during WWII and how they coped after the war was over. 

 At points the book was a bit dry and hard to get into.

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