Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fun word games to play with your preschooler

Play is an important part of early literacy. Here are some fun games you can play with your preschooler to help boost her pre-reading skills.

  • I spy – There are many varieties! Colors. Signs. Letters. Numbers. Environmental print is everywhere and a great tool for learning to read.
  • The Name Game – Ever hear the song The Name Game? (Check it out here). It’s a great game for two reasons. It rhymes a lot, which is a great skill for those early readers. Plus it uses names. As any parent can tell you, preschoolers are very self-centered. Using their name in this game plays into their little egocentric hearts. They will be sure to request the names of siblings, friends, Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Daddy. It’s great…unless the name being used is Chuck. 
  • What words start with ? – Pick a letter. Ask or tell your child what sound it makes. Then ask her what words start with that letter. You can give clues to words. It’s amazing how quickly a four-year-old can deduce the answer!
  •  Rhyme Time – Rhyming is an important literacy skill. Play rhyme games with your child using real and made up words.

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