Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Unexpected Roommate by Allie Borne

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

Bryn has a problem.  She cannot afford the house that she inherited from her aunt and her mom is threatening to move in.  She needs a roommate and fast.  When she leaves the grocery store, she is hit by a driver and asks the EMT to move in with her before she is fully conscious.  Aiden, the EMT, instantly falls for her and as convenience has it, has a lease that is about to run out.  But when Bryn is fully awake, she revokes her invitation.  Aiden is determined that he is going to move in with her and advance their relationship even further.  But can Aiden get through Bryn’s tough exterior?  Especially when Bryn finds out that Aiden’s life is back in Argentina and he is expected to move back there?

Some complex characters and tough decisions to be made
Seeing bits of other cultures

Fairly predictable

Note:  There are some sex scenes that are a bit descriptive, but they are short.
Kindle book

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