Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Shopping Swap by Erin Brady

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

The Shopping Swap by Erin Brady 

Maggie has been with Richard for five years but with no mention of marriage.  Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she plans a special evening for the two of them where she plans to propose.  One of her plans involves buying lingerie.  After spending a small fortune on her purchase, she gets it home only to discover her bag got mixed up with another shoppers and she is the proud owner of a housecoat. 

Richard ends up cancelling to Maggie’s disappointment and is determined to return the housecoat the next day and get a refund.  But when she arrives, the clerk refuses to assist her. Thankfully, Ben shows up at the same time with the missing piece of lingerie.  The two exchange bags and Ben invites Maggie to have coffee with him.

While Ben is interested in Maggie, he understands that she is with Richard but secretly feels that everything is not right with Maggie.  They continue seeing each other as friends but Ben eventually confronts Maggie about her future with Richard as he wants to pursue her further.  He tells Maggie some things about Richard that she cannot believe as surely she would suspect after five years.   

Is Ben right about his suspicions about Richard and will he be able to convince Maggie to break up with Richard?  Or is Maggie right?

Cute idea of how two people meet

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