Monday, August 11, 2008

Poison by Chris Wooding

On my short commute to work this morning, I finished listening to this book. It is an enchantingly dark fairy tale of Poison, a young girl who sets out on a quest – to ask the Phaerie Lord to return her sister – and embarks on a life changing adventure. Along the way, she inadvertently acquires a band of companions – Bram, a marsh wraith catcher who helped to guide her at the beginning of her journey, Peppercorn, a flighty girl who lives in the Bone Witch’s house, and Anderson, a cat who also lives in the Bone Witch’s house.

Poison’s knowledge of fairytales – stories that she doesn’t quite believe, even though she knows that phaeries are real – and her ability to think – and react – quickly, help her to stay alive as she completes one deadly task after another.

This story is excellent. Virginia Leishman does a beautiful job narrating. There were a few spots of the story that seemed a bit slow, but overall it was interesting, intriguing and just plain great. I am going to look for another book by this author.

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