Monday, August 31, 2009

Joy of Spooking

Yet another book I finished earlier in the month...

Fiendish Deeds (Joy of Spooking)
by P.J. Bracegirdle

Joy and her little brother, Byron, live in the town of Spooking – a town that is as creepy as its name implies. Joy doesn’t mind, though, as she loves the mysteriousness of their home – especially of the bog that in centered there. She is even more enraptured of Spooking and the bog when she discovers that her favorite horror writer, E. A. Peugeot, more than likely lived – and disappeared – there!

When she finds out the plan to replace the bog with a major water park, Joy decides to take action. Can she save her beloved bog?

Joy’s spunk and imagination help to make this book more enjoyable. The relationship with her little brother is one that many would recognize. She looks out for him, bosses him around, and is annoyed by him – all at the same time. There’s a good deal of action in this short children’s novel, and several funny parts. I love Joy’s wit and sense of humor.

According to the book’s website , the second book of this trilogy was to be published the summer of 2009. Hrm. I don’t see it even on

ETA: As I was looking through my blog reader this morning, I saw that this book was also recently reviewed on another blog: Welcome to my Tweendom.

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PJ Bracegirdle said...

Thanks so much for the review (which Google Alerts kindly just popped into my inbox). I really appreciate it!

Also, thanks for pointing out the error on the website. Book Two, UNEARTHLY ASYLUM, is in fact coming out Summer 2010, with a brand-new look. As the website will be getting a revamp, I overlooked the update. Sorry for the confusion!

In the meantime, I'm hoping to give out some preview chapters and hopefully some actual ARCs to reviewers such as yourself as soon as they become available. If you sign up at my facebook fan page,, I will know where to find you!