Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bloody Jack's latest adventures

The wake of the Lorelei Lee : being an account of the adventures of Jacky Faber on her way to Botany Bay by L.A. Meyer

Bloody Jack is back. With hopes of finally being united in holy matrimony with her beloved Jamie, Jacky and crew head back to England. Unfortunately, a couple of people she spurned in the past have it out for her – and the means to wreak serious havoc in her life. Soon after reaching England, Jacky finds herself locked in the dreary, disgusting hole that is a cell in Newgate prision. Jacky’s luck holds out as, instead of hanging from the gallows, she is sent to Australia. To add much insult to injury, she is heading to the penal colony as a prisoner on her own ship!

As with the previous stories, there is a lot of history and adventure to keep the tale interesting. Jacky is her usual self, taking care of her adopted crew, getting into trouble and being an all around unconventional young woman.

Adventure. Romance. History. What’s not to love?


After so many books, the basic story is starting to feel a little repetitious.


More than likely we haven’t heard the last of Jacky!

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