Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stories with boy appeal

Guys Read: Funny Business - Jon Scieszka (editor)

Ten stories. Eleven children’s literary masters. One book filled with humorous stories with lots of boy appeal, including:
  • A broccoli loving boy must save the world after his parents give his bedroom to a biker
  • A turkey is the seemingly perfect son for a manly man of a father – much to the real son’s fearful surprise.
  • Two best friends with a difference of opinion as to who is the real idiot of the duo.


This book would be great for a reluctant reader as it is full of short, interesting stories that grab the attention. Most of the stories are quite funny.

I’ll admit that while there was a humor factor present throughout most of the tales, there was also a creepiness factor in a couple of them. Most notably, David Yoo’s “A Fistful of Feathers” (the turkey story). Geesh. Maybe that was due to reading the story a few days before Halloween.

That being said, I think it would be a great story to read to a 4th-8th grade class around Halloween.

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