Friday, October 15, 2010

Dream a little dream...

The Dream-Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Upon the midnight clear by Sherrilyn Kenyon

These are two books of the books in the Dream Hunter sub-series.

The Dream-Hunter tells the story of Megeara (Geary), a professor of ancient history. Much of her close family has died in pursuit of Atlantis, something that she really wants no part of. Nonetheless, after agreeing to a deathbed request from her father, Geary finds herself deep in the search for proof the mythical island city’s existence.

Arik was once a Dream Hunter. Now a Skotos – a Dream Hunter who has gone rouge, preying on humans who dream vividly, his latest target is Geary. Their dream relationship is a highly sensual one. So sensual, that he wishes to taste Geary’s delights in the flesh. Arik makes a deal with Hades in order to become a human for two weeks in return for Geary’s soul.

With their worlds now intertwined, Arik promises to help Geary get what she wants – proof of Atlantis’ existence. Unfortunately, there are others who would rather see them dead. Can Arik keep Geary and her team alive…and keep from giving Hades the soul of a woman he is falling in love with.

Upon the midnight clear

Aidan - He is a world famous actor turned recluse after his closest family and friends turned against him.

Leta - She is a Dream Huntress who has been asleep for centuries, after a harsh battle with an evil foe.

When that foe awakens, so does Leta. She is determined to stop the evil Dolor from coming to full powers and destroying the world. In order to stop him, Leta goes to the home of Dolor’s human target: Aidan. Once there she must convince the jaded actor to open his life to her. What neither of them counts on is that in this battle they also open their hearts to one another.

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