Thursday, January 20, 2011

For luck, Touch Blue

Touch blue by Cynthia Lord; read by Erin Moon.

Tess and her family live on a small island in Maine. In hopes of keeping their school open several families become foster homes for children from the mainland. Tess’ family takes in Aaron, a thirteen year old boy with phenomenal musical talent. As the summer passes them by, Tess becomes friends with Aaron and hopes to make him realize that her family – and home – is his as well.


Each chapter’s heading is a different bit of folklore about luck. The heading is tied into the chapter itself.

Tess’s observations are great.

Little sister Libby was a lot of fun.

Tess is a reader! Tess refers to two of my favorite children's books: Anne of Green Gables and The Great Gilly Hopkins.


While the last two chapters are decent, I think if they were left out the story would have been even more striking.

The narration was overall pretty good…but the Maine accents were not consistent. I would think that if a few people on the island had the typical accent, then pretty much everyone would have it.

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SLWatson said...

Actually, you'd be surprised; most Mainers actually speak with the common Midlands accent, and it's fairly rare to find the true Maine accent these days. Within the same small town, on an island, I found only a few Maine accents and many people that sounded just like me.

As an aside, Midcoast Maine is a whole lot like Ohio; the stoicism and quiet cafe gossip is like any you'd find in a farm-town here, with the added bonus of the occasional lovely accent drifting through.

Good review!