Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Three sides to every story: his, hers and the truth.

They’ve always said that nothing can come between forever-best friends Liz and Kate, but when the unspeakable happens, even being one another’s forever-best friends can’t keep the friendship alive.

Told in verse, the story unfolds as Liz – the narrator of the story – discovers the real reason why Kate stopped talking to her. As the story progresses Liz must manage her conflicting feelings about her older brother, her best friend and even about herself.

ExposedDue to the style of writing, the book is a quick read. The story is compelling and makes you think. The verse style adds to the drama without taking away from the story.

Photography, which is important to Liz, serves as a thematic device. For example, Liz often sees things in black and white; however, when the incident between her brother, Mike, and Kate is “exposed”, Liz starts to realize that what appears in the picture has many shades of gray.

Understandably, we only have Liz’s view on Mike and Kate. However, I wish the characters were more thoroughly developed, especially Mike.

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