Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Tarnished Lady

This review is by guest reviewer/blogger Sharon.

The Tarnished Lady – Sandra Hill

This is a story of a woman who needs to find a husband in order to keep from losing her son to his biological father. But it cannot be just any man; it has to be one that resembles her son as she has to seek out the government to get the paternity paperwork done. Thankfully, the man that she has eyes on agrees to her plan, as the biological father is a sworn enemy and he will do anything to see him destroyed.
The Tarnished Lady
This book takes place in 946 AD so the language in it is a bit different than the English that is spoken now, but it does not take away from the book. The location is a bit ambiguous but it is somewhere between Britain and Scotland, possibly an imaginary country that is full of Saxon and Viking people.

This is an easy read as it only took me about 6 hours to get through the whole thing. For those that like a book with steamy romance scenes, then you will want to look for this book.

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