Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Reading Resolutions - a long overdue update

Back in January I stated seven reading resolutions for 2012.  It has been more than six months and I’m long overdue in posting an update.  Here are those goals and an update on each.
  • Read twelve Newbery books this year I have to check my notes.  I think I’ve read 5 so far. 
  • Read twelve Printz books this year I have to check my notes.  I think I’ve read 4 so far. 
  • Join or start a new youth literature discussion group I finally did it! Recently we had our first meeting, which was fantastic.  I started a group on Facebook so we can discuss when and where to meet – and I can send reminders more easily. Since most of the group members are youth librarians, we are going to meet again after Summer Reading finishes – so in August.
  • Keep track of picture books read I’ve been doing this on
  • Up my social media usage (in regards to books) Yeah….not so good at this yet.
  • Participate in at least one official 48-hour Reading Challenge in 2012 Missed the one that was a few months ago.  Maybe in the fall?
  • Take the time to read the blogs, journals, and other news sources to keep up with libraryland. This has totally fallen to the wayside. Must change that!! I need more hours in the day…and the drive to use those hours in the way I really should.

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Leeanna said...

I can go through my blog reader, I'm following a ton of teen librarians/librarians who also blog about books.

I'm honestly not sure how best to use social media in regards to books. It's something I've been trying to do too, because it's a great way to network, but I just ... don't know.